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Goalie Development

CAHA is providing direction and resources to our Associations to maximize our goalie development.

Leading this effort is Brian Haaland, CAHA Goalie Coordinator who can be reached at, (704) 746-4908.

Brian Haaland

CAHA Goaltending Coordinator
(704) 746-4908

Brian has a Bachelor of Science in education and physical education, Brian Haaland understands how young minds learn. As a Division 1 goalie at University of Nebraska at Omaha 1999-2003, Brian was known for his tenacity and never give up attitude. He began his coaching and training career early, beginning with hockey camps all through high school and college. He has been providing private goaltending lessons in Charlotte, North Carolina since Jan. 2009. Since finishing college, Brian has been a professional coach for NASCAR teams for the last 10 years. Working as a Pit stop coach and weight room coach, Brian designs practice plans and workouts so his team can outperform the rest. Learn more about Brian at

USA Hockey Goalie Nation

USA Hockey is leading the way with new information on goaltending and coaching goalies. Please see the following resources:

USA Hockey Goaltending Website

USA Hockey New Approach to Goaltender Development

USA Hockey Goaltending Development Tips for Coaches

USA Hockey ADM Best Practices for Goalies

  • 6U – small mini-nets, everyone tries goalie, quick change pads, blue pucks, cross-ice. It is recommended that players only play goalie with the quick change pads where they can try the position. Players at this age should be playing out as a player as much as possible.
  • 8U - 36” x 48” goalie nets, dedicated goaltenders must skate as a player in 50% of the practices/games.
  • 10U – if you have 2 goalies, the one not playing in the game plays as a player. Goalies play player in practice prior to playing player in a game. Another option is to split periods. However, it is much better for the goalie’s development to have them on the ice ALL of the time during games so having a goalie play in goal and the other playing out as a player for each game is best.
  • 12U – use the 10U method or split periods so that each goalie is playing in every game.

Vaughn 8U Beginner Goalie Gear


Vaughn is introducing a high-quality set of Quick Change Goalie gear for 6U and 8U. These are only available directly from Vaughn and are not sold through websites or stores at this time. Brian Haaland, CAHA Goalie Coordinator received a set to try and reports that the pads are very high quality and it takes about 25 seconds to put on a player. Each set includes leg pads (24" or 26"), blocker & glove, padded jersey, and equipment bag. The cost is $250 per set plus shipping (no tax is charged because it is direct from Vaughn). These pads are an important part of attracting new players to the goaltending position. To encourage Associations to purchase these, CAHA is offering a $50 rebate per set to Associations who purchase these by August 15, 2021. The maximum rebate is $300 per Association and the rebate will be received when receipts are sent in to CAHA (details to follow). The order form with details can be found below.

CAHA Rebate Request

Click here to complete the Quick Change Goalie Gear Rebate Form.

Video of Quick Change Gear Being Put on an 8U Player

Goalie Nets

  • For 6U, mini-nets should be used.
  • For 8U, it is required that 36” x 48” nets be used in every 8U practice, game, and Jamboree.
  • For 10U and up, regular size nets are used.

8U ADM regulation 36" x 48" nets at a huge discount via CAHA and the Arizona Sports Equipment Company

CAHA is partnering with Arizona Sports Equipment to provide our Associations the 8U regulation 36 x 48 nets. These 36 x 48 inch 8U goals/nets are for 8U development and 8U Jamborees and are essential for skill development at this age group. They are also required if you are hosting a CAHA partnership 8U Jamboree. Arizona Sports Equipment has discounted the website cost of $249.99 list/$325 delivered to $219.99/$290 delivered. CAHA is adding a subsidy to of 50% to bring your cost down to approximately $140-150 each delivered. We would like all of the rinks to have 6 of these for 8U development and 8U Jamborees. If you already have these size nets but don't have 6, we will provide the number you need to get up to 6. We can purchase them, have them shipped to your rink, and then you can reimburse us for the 50% or you can purchase them and we will send you the 50%. Our subsidy funds are limited so please order quickly before the subsidy runs out.

Questions? Please contact:
Brad Hoffman
(704) 497-5641

Click the Arizona Sports Equipment Company button below to order your 8U regulation nets.

Goalie Coaching Tools

On-Ice Goalie Coaching Cards – these cards were developed for use on the ice for goalie coaches. You may print, laminate, and put them on a key ring for use during practices.

Goalie Protractor – you can make this effective tool for use with drawing a crease for goalies during all small games and drills. “Toes out” is a very effective method to teach the goalies proper positioning and angles.

Goalie “Box Control” Ropes – used to help goalies with positioning on the puck and for improving their angles.

QuickChange Goalie Equipment


The QuickChange goalie equipment system is a must-own for all youth hockey organizations with 6U and 8U programs. This equipment is specifically designed to make it easy for a coach or parent to convert a skater into a goalie. Within one minute, you can have your skater ready to play between the pipes.

The QuickChange goalie sets currently come in one size and are designed to fit many children in the 6U/8U levels, for rotation during play.

Designed to fit over standard player equipment.


Leg Pads:

  • 24-inch leg pads (8 inches wide)
  • Tapered top and bottom
  • Extra-wide knee cradle and leg channel to accommodate skater's standard shin guards
  • Leg channel moved to the inside edge of pad to allow the player to stand and skate naturally
  • Thin profile to reduce weight and supplement existing protection from player shin guards

QuickChange Catch Glove:

  • Features light-weight palm construction making it easy to close, helping young goalies get their grip on the puck
  • A deep, single-T web easily cradles each puck and keeps it inside the glove
  • Two-piece cuff gives more mobility to goalies just starting to hone their game
  • Adjustable wrist strap allows new goalies to customize their fit

QuickChange Blocker:

  • Lightweight construction
  • Adjustable wrist strap allows new goalies to customize their fit
  • Perfect for new goalies


  • Oversized Youth L/XL jersey designed to fit over existing shoulder and elbow pads
  • Padding sewn into arms, shoulders, and chest to supplement existing protection from shoulder and elbow pads
  • Extra-wide neck opening with velcro strap allows jersey to be easily slipped on over the player's helmet


  • Dimensions: 25" x 13" x 11"
  • Includes USA Hockey and Pure Hockey logos.


Each set comes with 2 Complete sets detailed below:

  • 2 pairs of Legs Pads
  • 2 Gloves
  • 2 Blockers
  • 2 Chest Protectors
  • 2 Goalie Bags

$524 for 2 sets.

ADDITIONAL ITEM: Youth Goalie Sticks

  • Youth straight blade goalie stick
  • Paddle Length is 20.5 Inches (measured from the top of the paddle to the heel of the blade)
  • Total Stick Length is 45 Inches (measured from the top of the stick to the heel of the blade)
  • Wood Construction

Each bundle contains 3 goal sticks - $89.99 for 3-stick bundle.

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