CAHA Player Development FAQ

These are typical questions about the Player Development Tryouts:

  1. Q - Do I need to bring a jersey?
    1. Answer - No, a jersey is provided for the tryouts.
  2. Q - Do I need to bring a waterbottle?
    1. Answer - Yes, please bring a waterbottle.
  3. Q - Do I need to attend every session?
    1. Answer - Yes you will need to attend every session. There is typically a special goalie session that is in addition.
  4. Q - What is the format for tryouts?
    1. Answer - This varies based upon the number players registered at each age group however in general teams of 12-15 players are created which play several games during each session.
  5. Q - US Citizenship - What if I have a Green Card, VISA or Social Security Number?
    1. Answer - Unfortunately those do not constitute US Citizenship.
  6. Q - Could I get a copy of the evaluators notes or the rankings on my player?
    1. Answer - Unfortunately those are not available.  The information gathered is only for the purposes of the tryout and not actionable for players or parents.
  7. Q - Could you provide a list of the players and their numbers?
    1. Answer - No this list is not available.
  8. Q - Do the evaluators know the player names or other information?
    1. Answer - No the evaluators are never provided the names of the players nor any other information except the jersey color and number.