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Designated USA Hockey Affiliate Association 
for North and South Carolina

“Ensuring every day will be a great day for hockey!”

Carolina Amateur Hockey Association (CAHA) is the USA Hockey governing body for ice hockey in the states of North Carolina and South Carolina. Formed in 2000, CAHA's mission is to encourage, foster and promote the development and growth of the sport of amateur hockey in North Carolina and South Carolina.

CAHA State Championship Tournament

The CAHA Championship Tournaments are the qualifying tournaments to advance teams to the Southeastern District Tournament and the USA Hockey National Championships.

For more information, please visit the State Championship Tournament webpage.

8U Jamboree with the Columbia Cyclones

Carolina Amateur Hockey Association (CAHA), in partnership with the Columbia Cyclones, invites you to attend our 8U Cross Ice Jamboree on Saturday, March 7, 2020 at the Plex HiWire Sports Center in Irmo, SC. Open to all 8 & Under (2011 and 2012 birth years) and 6 & Under (2013 and 2014 birth years) players.

Click here for more information and to register.

10U Jamboree with the Columbia Cyclones

Carolina Amateur Hockey Association (CAHA), in partnership with the Columbia Cyclones, invites you to attend our 10U Half Ice Jamboree on Sunday, March 8, 2020 at the Plex HiWire Sports Center in Irmo, SC. Open to all 10 & Under (2009 and 2010 birth years) players.

Click here for more information and to register.

CAHA March Hockey Festival

CAHA will be hosting a Hockey Festival on Saturday and Sunday, March 28 and 29, 2020 at Extreme Ice Center in Charlotte, NC. The Festival will include an 8U Cross Ice Jamboree, 10U Half Ice Jamboree, two checking clinics and two goalie clinics.

Limited space is available on a first come basis. Don't delay - register today to reserve your spot in a Jamboree or clinic.

For more information, including eligible birth years, and to register please visit the CAHA Hockey Festival webpage.

8U Goalie Nets

8U ADM regulation 36" x 48" nets at a huge discount via CAHA and the Arizona Sports Equipment Company

CAHA is partnering with Arizona Sports Equipment to provide our Associations the 8U regulation 36 x 48 nets. These 36 x 48 inch 8U goals/nets are for 8U development and 8U Jamborees and are essential for skill development at this age group. They are also required if you are hosting a CAHA partnership 8U Jamboree. Arizona Sports Equipment has discounted the website cost of $249.99 list/$325 delivered to $219.99/$290 delivered. CAHA is adding a subsidy to of 50% to bring your cost down to approximately $140-150 each delivered. We would like all of the rinks to have 6 of these for 8U development and 8U Jamborees. If you already have these size nets but don't have 6, we will provide the number you need to get up to 6. We can purchase them, have them shipped to your rink, and then you can reimburse us for the 50% or you can purchase them and we will send you the 50%. Our subsidy funds are limited so please order quickly before the subsidy runs out.

Questions? Please contact:
Brad Hoffman
(704) 497-5641

Click the Arizona Sports Equipment Company button below to order your 8U regulation nets.

CAHA Member Association Opportunity

Team Sales Equipment Partnership Program

CAHA partners with Pure Hockey for team sales for your association.

Click the link below for details or contact Brad Hoffman, CAHA Youth Director, at for more information.

Presidential Directive Calls for Match Penalty Effective Immediately

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – USA Hockey announced today a presidential directive that changes the penalty for racial/derogatory slurs of any kind that fall under Rule 601 (e. 3) from a game misconduct to a match penalty.

“We continue to get reports of disturbing incidents of racial and other derogatory slurs, behavior which is reprehensible and has absolutely no place in our game, especially around our children,” said Jim Smith, president of USA Hockey. “For reasons I cannot explain or understand, the current penalty in place does not seem to be enough of a deterrent to stop this type of conduct.”

>>Letter from USA Hockey President Jim Smith

Smith noted that while modifying the severity of the penalty is an important step, it’s also vital that parents and coaches take the time to address the topic with athletes.

Effectively immediately, anyone penalized under Rule 601 (e.3) will receive a match penalty, which carries a five-minute penalty, disqualification from that game, and suspension from further participation until such time the governing Affiliate or junior league has conducted a hearing to review the matter. Affiliates or junior leagues have up to 30 days to investigate and conduct a hearing and the offending individual(s) is subject to further discipline.

Pat Kelleher, executive director of USA Hockey, noted the importance of all stakeholders working together for the betterment of the sport.

“The use of hateful language is a hurdle to creating a welcoming environment for families that want to be involved in our sport. Eradicating this kind of behavior from our game is critical as we continue to make a positive impact on society through hockey.”

SafeSport Requirement for 2002, 2001, 2000 Birth Year Players

All players seventeen (17) years of age or older on or before December 31 (2002, 2001 and 2000 birth years), that play on a team in a classification that allows minor age players, are required to complete U.S. Center for SafeSport online training before being added to the team and prior to participation (on-ice or off-ice). This requirement applies to all teams in the Youth, Girls, High School, Junior Hockey, Flex Hockey and Disabled Hockey program classifications that allow both minor age and adult age players. Players required to take the training must complete the Core Center for SafeSport Training prior to being added to the team.

The training that the players need to complete is the same training as other adults -  accessed through the USA Hockey website by clicking on “register for SafeSport Training”

2 and 2 Challenge Results

CAHA is please to announce the 2 and 2 Challenge Results for the 2018-2019 season.

Associations that commit to the 2 and 2 Challenge follow a systematic year-long plan of utilizing grassroots marketing tools and national events in an effort to add two additional new players and retain two more players than their previous season's 8 and Under player totals.

Congratulations to the CAHA associations that completed the 2018-19 season’s 2 and 2 Challenge!


For the 2019-2020 season, the 2 and 2 Challenge was rebranded as the Hat Trick Challenge. Click here to learn more information and to sign up your association for the Hat Trick Challenge.

USA Hockey Annual Guide

Each year, USA Hockey publishes its Annual Guide, which details the organization's administrative structure, programs and philosophy, bylaws, rules and regulations and much more.

Official Rules of Ice Hockey

The Official Playing Rules provides consistency for all participants, to ensure a safe and positive playing environment while continuing to focus on skill development and enjoyment of the sport.

Mobile Rulebook

The USA Hockey Mobile Rulebook is the digital version of the current USA Hockey Rulebook. Use the search bar or click on 'Sections' to navigate the vast hockey resources including rules, descriptions, casebook examples and videos. All content can be shared on Facebook and Twitter.

Click here to access the Mobile Rulebook