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Grant Program

2020-2021 CAHA Grant Program

The purpose of the CAHA Grant Program is to assist affiliate member associations to increase participation in the sport of hockey and promote player development in the Carolinas. All member associations in CAHA are eligible to apply. Member associations will be asked to come up with ideas to grow the sport at the local level and can seek financial assistance from CAHA to help support their efforts. We are looking for the Associations to furnish the ideas, leadership and hard work to successfully manage their program and to help grow the sport of hockey within our Affiliate.

The CAHA Grant Committee will review the grant requests of up to $2,500.00 and submit the final list to the Board of Directors for approval. Grants will be awarded to member associations who offer the best plan(s) for growing participation in recreational ice hockey in their area. Grant recipients will be asked to report their results to the CAHA Grant Committee by April 1, 2021, so the effectiveness of each program can be tracked and the ones that are successful shared with the rest of the organizations within the affiliate. Grant recipients will be recognized at the CAHA Affiliate Annual Meeting and also agree to register all participants in their program with USA Hockey.

Grant applications are due no later than July 1, 2020.

Brad Hoffman

Grant Program Chair
(704) 497-5641

2019-2020 Grant Awards

Congratulations to the following Associations for being awarded 2019-20 CAHA Grants!

Capital City Youth Hockey Try Hockey for Free $855
Capital City Youth Hockey Grow the Game $2,500
Charleston Youth Hockey Association Grow the Game $2,400
Charleston Youth Hockey Association Grow the Game $2,400
Charlotte Metro Hockey Association Try Hockey for Free $2,500
Charlotte Metro Hockey Association Grow the Game $2,500
Greater Greenville Hockey Association Girls Hockey $1,300
Greater Greenville Hockey Association Grow the Game $1,000
Greater Greenville Hockey Association Try Hockey for Free $1,300
Hurricanes Sled Hockey Grow the Game $2,500
Hurricanes Sled Hockey Try Hockey for Free-Sled $900
Carolina IceZone Youth & Adult Hockey Try Hockey for Free $2,500
Carolina IceZone Youth & Adult Hockey Grow the Game $2,150
Triad Hockey Alliance Grow the Game $1,650
Triad Hockey Alliance Try Hockey for Free $360
Winston Salem Sled Hockey Disabled Hockey $500
Winston Salem Special Hockey Disabled Hockey $500

2018-2019 CAHA Grants Approved by the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors approved 15 grants for a total of $28,267 for the 2018-2019 season. Please see details in  the attached file.

CAHA Grant History By Year By Association

Associations - please click on the following document to review the CAHA Grant History By Year for each Association.

Hat Trick Challange

The hat Trick Challenge guides youth hockey leadership through national programs and tools to achieve their growth goals. To complete the Hat Trick Challenge, participating associations will utilize programs that emphasize the main driving forces of growth—Retention, Acquisition & Conversion.

Associations that accept the Hat Trick Challenge and participate in national growth programs, will be rewarded with starter equipment and be recognized for their efforts. To learn more visit the Hat Trick Challenge website.

NHLPA Goals and Dream Fund

For the last 12 years, NHLPA members (NHL players) have helped more than 60,000 underprivileged children play hockey through equipment donations from the NHLPA Goals & Dreams fund. The players' program has donated more than $20 million to help grassroots hockey programs in 25 countries, which makes it the sport's largest grassroots program in the world!

The players want to continue to help even more children play the great sport of hockey and with the help of USA Hockey, they are looking for more programs and kids to help! The NHLPA Goals & Dreams equipment grant application is easy to fill out and return to the NHLPA. We encourage you to fill it out in order to help kids in your community, or pass it on to your organization that could benefit from a significant hockey equipment donation, at no cost to their program, from the NHLPA members.

For more information on the NHLPA Goals & Dreams fund, please check out their website: NHLPA Goal & Dreams.