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USA Hockey Annual Guide
Official Rules of Ice Hockey
Summary of Insurance Coverages
Off-Ice Officials Manual

All other USA Hockey Forms/Materials can be found on the Southeastern District website,, under Resources.

Jessica Westphal

Associate Registrar,
Southeastern District
904-673-8221 - Cell


Each Association shall designate one person to handle all registration for that Association and to receive and distribute to their Association all USA Hockey and CAHA notifications and publications.

2017-2019 USA Hockey Season: September 1, 2017 through August 31, 2018

Individual Registration

All participants, coaches and players, shall complete individual registration and acknowledgement of the USA Hockey Waiver of Liability / Assumption of Risk online at in accordance with the procedures prescribed by USA Hockey.

A player shall not participate in any hockey related activity (including tryouts), until the USA Hockey Individual Membership Registration has been completed and the appropriate fee paid.

Team Registration

All teams, excluding youth house and adult house, must register with USA Hockey and are required to complete an Official Team Roster.

Approval dates for Team Rosters will be based on the USA Hockey Registry submission time stamp. Teams may not begin counting games toward 20/10 or 14/10 until the approval date of the Team Roster. Tournament bound teams formed before September 1 may begin their game count on August 1 if the team roster is approved prior to the game being played. Associations MAY NOT write in player or coach additions on the Team Roster. All player, coach and manager changes must be done through the Registry.

Tournament bound team rosters must be final by December 31 of the current season. Changes to the player roster are not allowed after that date.

A team, excluding youth house and adult house, may not participate in any pre-season, exhibition, league or tournament games until a USA Hockey Team Roster has been properly completed and submitted through the Registry for approval. Only coaches listed on the team roster will be allowed in the vicinity of the player's bench during games.

A Tier I, Tier II, or Travel player shall not participate in a game with a team until the player is added to the Team Roster and the roster or roster change is submitted for approval through the Registry.

No CAHA Tier I, Tier II or Travel team shall use any player not properly rostered to its team. Participation of a player in a sanctioned game not rostered to the team will be deemed an "Improper Roster" and the game will automatically be forfeited. Additionally, the head coach of a team using an "Improper Roster" will be referred to the appropriate committee for discipline.

A Tier I or Tier II player may not be rostered to a team without the prior written consent of a parent or guardian. Participation in a tryout or selection process is not considered consent to participate on a team. Member Associations that roster a player without consent shall be referred to the appropriate committee for discipline.

Additional Information

Additional information on individual or team registration can be obtained from the Associate Registrar.