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Player Releases

The stability of team rosters during the season is encouraged, and the transfer of a player from one association team to another association team is strongly discouraged. Any Youth or Girls’ player transferring from Association to Association within the same season, is required to obtain a financial release letter signed by the President or the equivalent of his/her current Association.

An Association may not roster a player on any team, regardless of competitive level, who has a delinquent financial obligation to another Association, the Carolina Amateur Hockey Association, the Southeastern District, USA Hockey or any other USA Hockey Affiliate or District.

A player certified to a team roster, withdrawing from his/her current Association, must secure a financial release in writing before he/she can register with another Association or be rostered on another team at any competitive level. An Association or team may not allow a player to tryout, practice or play in any games until a financial release letter is obtained. All rosters adding the player to a new team must be accompanied by a copy of the financial release letter if the previous Association has not taken actions necessary to remove the player from the team roster.

All requests for a financial release letter should be made in writing to the current Association. Such Association shall have 10 days from receipt of the written request in which to respond, by either providing a financial release letter to the player, detailing the requirements for a financial release or for refusal to provide a financial release letter. An Association that sets forth requirements for a financial release or refuses to grant a financial release must do so in writing, and must inform the player of his/her right to appeal such requirements or the refusal to the CAHA Disciplinary/Dispute Resolution Committee. A player requesting a release must be granted that request is he/she does not owe any fees and/or equipment to the team or Association. The CAHA Disciplinary/Dispute Resolution Committee has the authority to release a player who is refused a release by his/her team or Association.

Any games played with a player prior to submitting a roster and financial release letter (if required) to the Associate Registrar for certification, or games played with a player who has a delinquent financial obligation to another Association will be considered as playing with an "Improper Roster" and are subject to the Rules and Regulations of "Improper Rosters" [refer to 11.0 Registration (c)].  Sanctions to include forfeiture of all games played under the “Improper Roster” and referral of the Head Coach to the Disciplinary/Dispute Resolution Committee for appropriate action. Appropriate action for the Head Coach of the team using the "Improper Roster", knowingly or unknowingly, is a one game suspension for every game in which the "Improper Roster" was used. Repeat offenses shall be subject to additional discipline at the discretion of the Disciplinary/Dispute Resolution Committee.

All Tier I and Tier II player movement within the same association is the sole responsibility of the local association registrar. Local association registrars must be diligent in submitting rosters to properly move players from one team to another within their association.

Tampering, Tryout, and Release Matrix

Based on feedback from membership and local association leadership, CAHA modified its Tryout, Tampering, Player Releases, and Outstanding Financial Obligations Bylaws. To help cover common scenarios faced by players, parents and coaches, CAHA, in conjunction with association leadership, developed a matrix covering those scenarios, how they should be handled, and the related bylaws individuals can reference to read about the Bylaws in detail.

The Matrix is not a substitute for the USA Hockey Annual Guide or the CAHA Bylaws. We hope you find these materials helpful should you have questions about Tryouts, Tampering, Player Releases or Outstanding Financial Obligations. If you do have any questions please discuss this with your local association.