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8U Jamboree Guidelines

CAHA 8U Jamboree Guidelines Updated September 2022

CAHA 8U & 10U Jamboree Guidelines (updated September 2022)
Our objective is to support a season schedule of 8U and 10U Jamborees around the CAHA affiliate. Ideally the 8U Jamboree schedule allows Associations to access several Jamborees per season. This will limit travel and overall cost to member families and Association costs. CAHA will partner with Associations to support 8U and 10U scramble Jamborees with registration assistance, pay for ice, provide jerseys, and pay for a pizza party or snacks. Any non-CAHA Partnership Jamborees must be sanctioned via USA Hockey. Details at the end of the document.

Guidelines for both 8U & 10U

  • The timing of the Jamborees will be scheduled to try and avoid conflicts with 8U House programs. By definition this may mean scheduling during periods like holidays. However, each Association may schedule the events at any time that fits their schedule and ice availability.
  • All Jamborees must be publicized and open to all 8U players from all CAHA Associations. All USA Hockey-sanctioned Jamborees can be publicized on the CAHA website and calendar.
  • Host Associations may consider 2-3 skill divisions when signing up players. If this approach is used, it can be determined via sign-up with parent designating player in a category or by the host Association when making up teams. Our suggestion is to use a simple A-B-C designation for the skill level of each player.
  • Games shall be of a length (recommended 12-20 run-time minutes) where each team gets 4-5 games in the Jamboree. To ensure equal ice time, a horn shall be sounded every 1:30 to 2 minutes signaling a line change. The game length is at the discretion of the Associations given ice time and number of participants.
  • There shall be no tracking of wins or losses, likewise there shall be no jamboree or season championship. The exception is that the host Association may keep score privately so that they can change schedules during the Jamboree to match up teams that are more equal in skill. Game scores may not be posted publicly during or after games. This includes scoreboard, flip chart, posters, and any other showing the score of a game.
  • Host associations MAY NOT claim players in other associations through their USA Hockey Registry.
  • Participation awards may be used but no awards, banners, etc. for placing in a certain order or “winning”.
  • Referees shall not be required. If they are used, it is to keep the game moving and drop the puck. It is strongly recommended that these are volunteers and that Associations use their 8U coaches. Minor penalties should be addressed/coached by USA Hockey (approved) coaches on hand and be deemed “significant”. If a penalty is called, play may be stopped and a breakaway style can be given to the offended team or the player is removed and replaced with another player.
  • All on-ice volunteers must have the following: USA Hockey Coach/Player registration, CEP Level 1 or higher, age appropriate module, SafeSport and background screening.

Additional Guidelines for 8U Jamborees

  • 36” x 48” hockey goals and blue pucks shall be used for 8U games
  • The preferred format for all 8U games is cross-ice and played 4v4. If this is an Association-hosted Jamboree and they wish to use the half-ice format, this is played 5v5. All teams will have no more than 9-12 players with no full time goalies with players rotating through the position. We encourage the use of Quick Change pads to give many players the opportunity to try the goalie position.

Additional Guidelines for 10U Jamborees

  • All 10U games are played in the half-ice format and played 4v4. 10U Jamborees may also be played cross-ice at 3v3.
  • All teams will have no more than 9-12 players.

8U & 10U Jamboree Options

  • Team Format hosted by an Association - all players must be USA Hockey registered. Each association with participating players must submit an approved USA Hockey Master Roster(s) (1-T) that lists all players and coaches participating in the Jamboree. An association may not refuse to roster any player that desires to attend a Jamboree except for players not in good financial standing.
  • Scramble Format hosted by an Association - every player must register for the Jamboree individually, notify their association that they will be participating, provide a copy of their government issued birth certificate (if they have not done so already), and request to be added to the Master Roster (1-T) for that association. The players listed on Master Rosters will be assigned to a Jamboree team by the host association.
  • CAHA Partnership Jamboree - CAHA has an option for providing ice time, jerseys, registration support, and pizza party to any Association that wants to set up a scramble Jamboree at the 8U or 10U age group. This type of event is automatically sanctioned because it is in partnership with CAHA.

Questions on the Jamboree Guidelines? Please contact:
Brad Hoffman
CAHA Youth Chair