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CAHA Championship Tournaments

The CAHA Championship Tournaments are the qualifying tournaments to advance teams to the Southeastern District Tournament and the USA Hockey National Championships.

The tournaments are open to all Tier I and Tier II teams in applicable age classifications. Participation in the CHL is not required for Tier II teams.

Tournament Dates:
Youth Tier II North Carolina: February 20-23, 2020, Charlotte, NC

All North Carolina teams should be prepared to start play on Thursday morning.

Teams will not remit fees with the application.

The fee schedule will be based on the number of applicant teams and full payment of fees will be due no later than January 5, 2020. In the event an applicant does not remit full payment of fees by January 5, that team will be withdrawn from the tournament.

This form must be completed by the Head Coach or Team Manager for any team making a declaration for the Southeastern District Tournament or the USA Hockey National Championship Tournament or making an application to participate in the CAHA Championship Tournaments.